The AENIMAL necklaces collection originates from the idea that sees our unconscious as the place where all information related to instinct are stored. Modern times and our societies have inevitably deepened the gap that separates our more intuitive and emotional sensibility from our daily actions, conformed to the instructions we receive constantly both from the outside world and from our own thinking. This fact has turned us into sedated and detached creatures, and this is particularly true in the Western world.
The AENIMAL necklaces are, in their geometries and colors, a key to the primordial connection that each of us maintains with the natural world and with its powerful symbols. They remind us of parts of ourselves that we have hidden or forgotten.
If it is true that the intelligence of the unconscious is limited to what is foreseen by the program, then I like to think of these necklaces as emotional passepartout, objects whose symbols confer an awakening power, capable of gently affecting those who wear them.
Each single necklace, through the reference to certain animals, is intended to suggest to our unconscious mind awareness and information which nowadays seem to have become less important, when they are instead written in our DNA since the earliest times.
Also for this production, I like to remember how the object is, in itself, a small thing, however, it is activated and becomes meaningful when it is involved in a wider context.

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