Raw wood

The Japanese term for the concept of nature is Shizen. Literally, the term means to be as it is, meaning that nature produces itself in an indigenous and self-referential process, which is, at the same time, imperfect, since nothing is so in nature. This short definition well describes the feeling that has characterized the creation and the definitive realization of the models featured in the Raw Wood collection. Materials, such as cherry wood for handles, cotton for interiors and printed leathers have been transformed and used according to a personal stylistic interpretation that is both practical and original. The desire to create models capable of satisfying those who wear them through an articulated but imperfect stylistic language was the driving force that helped me to design and produce the eight models present in this collection. They are formal variations of the same language made of colors, shapes and materials, articulated together using a light and open stylistic dialectic, where geometric imperfection becomes a distinctive feature, similar in many ways to the human character, visible only to the eyes of the closer observer. The bags featured in the Raw Wood collection want to give those who wear them the necessary space needed to maintain their own personality while discovering aspects of it that are still hidden, celebrating its uniqueness and perfection / imperfection.

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