Marta Riavez

Marta Riavez, leather bags and accessories designer

My name is Marta Riavez.
I currently live in Trieste, the city where I was born, and the Veneto region, where I work and produce my bags and leather accessories.
I have wavy hair that go curlier when it rains. I often get angry but then I’m quick to make some peace with myself. On the other hand we must also be able to accept conflicts and tensions to be reborn a little better each time. If you’re not making waves you’re not even sailing, someone said. Speaking of which, here is what I do; I read, I draw, I seek, I travel, I hide and I get lost. But then, fortunately, I also find myself again.
Life is too short, we must break the pattern, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, truly love, laugh a lot and never regret anything that made us smile.

The bags realization process

1- Bags Incubation: mental processing of creative ideas in relation to the available materials, looking for an order that produces a new meaning. This is a process that develops through trial and error, through thought flows that may seem apparently disordered and erratic. It is a constant movement which continues even when the conscious attention is suspended.

The bags realization process

2- Bags Modeling: production of the basic model on which ideas and practical solutions are later developed. This is a creative, experimental and materic period, during which ideas take a first physical and tangible form. This phase is, in many ways, comparable to the art of bonsai care, where it is essential to remove all that is superfluous to let grow only what is essential. By doing so we can restore the plant to its most authentic and genuine nature, which is a movement similar to the one I commit to during the creation of my models. We could say that beauty does not lie in the external form of things, because, if that were true, then any harmonious shape would be beautiful, but also cold, improbable and artificial. Rather, beauty consists in the sensation that it manages to transmit beyond its physical shape. This is why I like to use imperfect shapes, that are not purely geometric. When we shape nature at the same time we are modeling ourselves. What we have in our hands is a different kind of that same substance that also makes us, because we are nature and vice versa. We are the instrument of nature that shapes its elements.

The bags realization process

3- Bags Realization: the physical production of each single bag requires a wide range of processes. After having carefully selected the leathers, we proceed with the first phase: each component of the bag is cut (external parts, linings, reinforcements). Subsequently the thicknesses of the leathers are reduced through the splitting, in order to make them more or less rigid. The buffing process follows next, when the edges of the various components are blunted before being joined together. Once the main body of the bag has been given its shape, its edges are definitively finished. The final assembly is carried out by operating different types of machines and specific knowledge in the case of the use of materials other than leather, such as fabrics, wood or other resources, before manually adding the last missing components, such as handles and small parts.